Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Can you match these classic TV characters with their parents?

Parents, right? They're always dropping in on your favorite shows.

Can you guess if these characters are from sitcoms or sci-fi shows?

See if you can have the last laugh and solve today's screwball mission.

Can you identify these game shows by their contestant podiums?

Buzz in if you remember your TV trivia.

Try to guess the titles of these obscure sitcoms from the 1970s

A chimp, a singing mayor, space garbage and more!

Can you guess the shows that added these kids to their casts?

Just about every sitcom has its own "Cousin Oliver."

Can you guess the TV show from the Thanksgiving episode?

Let's talk turkey. Can you identify these TV shows from a still of a Thanksgiving episode?

Can you spot the TV show within the TV show?

Pick the fictitious TV show from these lists of real TV shows.

Can you name the classic TV show from just one episode description?

We describe a memorable episode. You tell us the TV show.

Can you name all these rainbow candies?

Proof that there's more than one way to taste the rainbow.

Guess these celebrities by their pre-fame rejections

"I'll never amount to anything?" Ha!

Who are these celebrities on the cover of TV Guide in 1989?

They were the A-list thirty years ago.

Can you guess how many kids were in these classic TV families?

Ever wonder how many other family sitcoms were busy with three boys of their own?

Only a true Sixties kid can name all these shows on Saturday Morning TV in 1969!

There were some groovy live-action shows in there, too!

Can you recognize the best-selling albums of 1969?

These classic records took us all the way from Broadway to San Quentin.

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