Can you remember the names of these discontinued fast food sandwiches?

They may no longer be sold, but they can make your mouth water.

Which vintage TV dinner is your soul food?

The aluminum tray. The little dessert compartment. The kernels of corn leaving their pen and getting ...more

____ & the _____s: Can you finish these band names?

*insert your name here* & the Quiz Takers!

Can you find the ONE TV show that started in the 1970s and ended in the 1990s?

Which series aired its premiere in the '70s and finale in the '90s?

Can you I.D. which of these fantastical '80s movies are based on books?

Were these beloved movies adapted from novels?

Can you name these Hostess icons?

These sweet lunchtime heroes have names — do you know them?

Do you know your breakfast diner lingo?

Sit on a stool and flag down your soup jockey.

Can you tell if this Sixties TV show was a comedy or a drama?

Do a title and a promo photo give you the answer?

Who was the lead singer in these popular Sixties rock bands?

Do you know your 1960s music from the Stones to the Shondells to the Spoonful?

Can you pick out the middle child on these classic TV shows?

Who says the kid in the middle goes overlooked?

Can you name all these TV shows featuring Don Knotts?

Let me see that Don. That Don D-don Don Don.

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1994?

It's Matlock vs. Seinfeld; The Nanny vs. The Fresh Prince. You pick who wins!
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