Which role do you associate these actors with?

Tell us why in the comments!

Can you I.D. these '80s movie musicals?

We're not sorry for getting these songs stuck in your head.

Can you name these '60s TV characters from their movie reboots?

Can you recognize these beloved characters as their not-so-beloved remakes?

Can you recognize the cartoon versions of these classic Hollywood stars?

These Looney Tunes look-alikes can't fool anyone — can they?

Can you guess the names of the classic soft drink mascots?

Bears and birds and hillbillies, oh my!

What were these acclaimed actors selling in '60s and '70s TV commercials?

Before they won awards, they were pitching products in ads.

Can you match these memoir titles to the correct TV stars?

Match the actors to their autobiographies!

Do you know all of the words to the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song?

It'll be stuck in your head for hours after this...

Can you I.D. these Elvis movies based on the original movie posters?

He's a hunk, a hunk of burnin' love – in Technicolor!

Can you complete the song titles of these Seventies one-hit wonders?

"Play That _______ Music" and have a "________ Delight."

Can you guess which Beatles song was not featured on the Ed Sullivan Show?

These songs are still hits today – can you name them?

Can you guess the TV husband by the way he talks about his wife?

It's official: You're the authority on TV couples if you beat this one.

Were these top movies of the 1970s rated PG or rated R?

Were you allowed to see Jaws and Star Wars?

Were these sitcoms in the 1980s or did we just make up a show?

The Eighties dished out dozens of sitcoms. Many of them went on to be beloved classics. Others ...more

Which came first: This classic TV show or that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band?

Which came first: Andy or The Beach Boys? Star Trek or Pink Floyd?

Can you name these famous felines?

"Paws" and see if you know these cool cats!
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