Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Which classic animated Christmas special character are you?

Where do you fall on the holiday spectrum from the Grinch to Charlie Brown?

Tell us your opinions on these Christmas staples!

How does your holiday compare to other viewers'? Take this survey to see!

How well do you know hard candy?

This hard candy quiz is probably pretty easy for Boomers

Do you think these should be considered Christmas movies?

Who doesn't love a good "yippee-kai-yay" at the holidays?

How well do you know this alien trivia?

No phoning home for help – we want to see your smarts!

Can you find the ONE fake Christmas episode title?

Was "Have Reindeer, Will Travel" a real TV episode?

Pick: What Christmas specials would you watch in the 1980s?

Take your pick from Pee-wee, Perry, Kermit and Keanu.

Can you guess the TV show adapted from these classic hit movies?

Which popular shows were based on Cooley High and Coogan's Bluff?

How well do you know your famous Andys?

We tracked down the most popular Andys for you to I.D.!

How well do you remember the actual story of A Christmas Carol?

You've seen it in every shape and form, but do you remember the original story?

Who was it: Eva Gabor or Zsa Zsa Gabor?

Have you been paying close attention, dah-ling?

Can you recognize who recorded these classic 1960s Christmas albums?

Everyone was in the spirit, from the Rat Pack to Motown.

Only a Boomer can complete the names of these popular 1960s toys

Wait… what was the name of Barbie's little sister?

Who released these popular 1970s Christmas albums?

Who is that singing with Kermit?

Are you a picky eater when it comes to these vintage foods?

Do these classic ingredients make you hungry or queasy?

Can you name these 1970s Disney movies from the opening credits?

Take it back to the golden days of Dean Jones and Jodie Foster.

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