Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Did these events happen in 1982 or not?

Don't worry, this quiz is more mental than "Physical."

What kind of animals were these TV shows about?

Match these classic series to the correct species!

Do you remember who sang the biggest hits of 1980?

Are you "Magic" or will "Another One Bite the Dust"?

Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' question about Lucille Ball?

Buzz in and see if you can get all these questions about our favorite redhead

Can you guess the year by the Academy Award Best Picture nominees?

Guess the year by the film nominees and see if you can take home the award

Only a Boomer can identify all these vintage snacks

What were these cheesy, bacony, peanutty, pizza-rific, raisiny treats called?

Was this the title of an Elvis movie or a sitcom in the 1960s?

Can you spot the difference between a King flick and a TV show?

Only a Boomer can recognize all these shapes

What are these silhouettes!?

Which of these iconic characters made their debut first?

Some of your favorite TV characters are older than you think.No, we are not talking about the ...more

Sorry, Millennials, you had to live through the '80s to know what these mall stores sold

What could you buy at businesses like Chess King, Hot Sam and Casual Corner?

How well do you remember 'Job Switching' from 'I Love Lucy'?

Warning: You will probably crave chocolate afterward.

Can you guess the decade when these baby names were most popular?

Can you remember the most popular name in your school?

Can you guess the classic TV show from its lunch box artwork?

Try not to get stuck! Thermos of Tang not included.

You know their voices and their faces, but do you know their movies?

You know their voices and their faces, but do you know their movies?

What's your 'I Love Lucy' New Year's resolution?

Trust Lucy to be your life coach.

How well do you remember the Disney classic Mary Poppins?

Can you get a practically perfect score on this quiz?

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