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Which of these songs was a bigger hit in 1991?

Try not to "Rush Rush" through this "Unbelievable" quiz!

Is this an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show or a Dick Van Dyke movie?

Do you know the difference between "Fitzwilly" and "The Twizzle"?

Can you name these stars on the cover of 'TV Guide' in 1968?

If they were on a magazine, they have to be recognizable, right?

Do you know everything about Cagney & Lacey?

Are you an expert on this dynamic duo?

Did these events happen in 1992 or not?

It's already been over a quarter century.

Can you name these guest stars on 'The Love Boat'?

Come aboard, we're expecting you.

Can you match these DJs to the correct TV shows?

Give this TV challenge a spin!

How well do you know the career of Cloris Leachman?

The TV icon was one of the longest-working actors in Hollywood.

Which came first: I Love Lucy or these household products?

Were these things introduced before or after the iconic sitcom’s 1951 premiere?

Is this Mary Tyler Moore in The Dick Van Dyke Show or something else?

She was in commercials, Westerns and detective shows before the iconic sitcom.

Can you guess the titles of these 1971 made-for-TV movies?

Steven Spielberg got his start in TV movies that year.

Do you remember who sang the Top 10 songs of 1971?

There's not "One Bad Apple" in the bunch. Well, yes, there is.

Is this Carol Burnett or Vicki Lawrence on The Carol Burnett Show?

Can you tell the difference between these lookalike costars?

Were these Christmas decorations introduced before or after 1950?

When did aluminum trees, spray-on snow and bubble lights hit the scene?

Only the biggest fans of The Odd Couple can score 10/12 on this quiz

How well do you remember TV's most memorable roommates?

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