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The music video for Never Gonna Give You Up is a fashion pioneer and it's time we treat it as such

Image: YouTube/@RickAstleyVEVO

We all know the '80s hit, "Never Gonna Give You Up." Whether you danced to it back in '88 or rolled your eyes when you thought you were opening a link from a friend only to hear that intro drumbeat, Astley remains a cultural icon for his hit, now known as a meme called the rickroll. 

Despite the fact that Astley has come full circle regarding the meme — at first, finding shares of the video funny and now being like, "Okay, guys, that's enough," — the song still persists, always seeming to pop up here and there and making the trend of sharing the video seem unstoppable.

While we could talk about the extensive discography under Astley's belt or the fact that a number of his records have gone platinum outside of his viral hit, instead, we're going to talk about the killer looks we've all seen again and again in the music video. Since fashion tends to recycle itself every few decades, you may find that those late '80s looks we saw in Astley's video really don't seem all that out of place in modern fashion. See for yourself. 


Farmer's market chic

This carefree blonde's comfy maxi dress outfit complete with a pair of wayfarers is something you'll definitely see at this summer's outdoor craft fairs and farmer's markets.


Trust fund fashion

White pants, navy blazer, striped collared top? Is Astley in a 1980s music video or on his father's yacht in 2018? The only thing that gives it away is the wing tip shoe instead of a pair of Sperry's.


Leggings are not pants

While the skirt over her leggings might date this look, we could just chalk it up to this woman refusing to get on the "leggings are pants" train.


Springtime professionalism

It can be tough to look put together for work when those April showers start. Astley's got that springtime profesh look down pat through, with his chic mockneck shirt and trench coat.


Off the shoulder

While we're opting for flowier fits these days, low backs and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are definitely on trend.


Timeless couture

Since James Dean was in Rebel Without a Cause, a white tee and jeans has always been effortlessly cool. Especially with dance moves like these.



The greatest fashion trend in in modern day is athleisure, and this guy was ahead of his time. This look is comfortable and gives him the mobility to CLIMB WALLS while still being stylish.


Double denim

It's a misconception that the Canadian tuxedo is a faux pas. Google double denim and you'll see all of the A-listers rocking the look — and this, of course. The key to wearing all that blue is confidence, which Astley definitely has.


Red suspenders

Have you been to a trendy wedding lately? Chances are, those groomsmen were wearing suspenders. Bonus point if they were also wearing sneakers as opposed to traditional dress shoes, just like this guy.

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