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5 vintage ads from the 1940s that show the decade's cozy winter style

In the 1940s, winter was a season that brought out the best of the best in terms of coats, hats and stylish boots.

While people waited for the snow to fall, staying warm was a must and the primary way to do so was with layers of clothing. Yet, that didn't mean what you wore had to be boring or basic. In the words of Telly Savalas, clothing attire can be a crucial part of your personality. It doesn't have to be luxurious or expensive, yet it should express who you are.

Vintage ads are great ways to see how companies advertised their products in past decades and what was in style for the season.

Here are five ads from the 1940s that showcase the decade's cozy winter style.


Champ Hat Ads

The hats shown in the advertisement are called homburgs. However, many refer to them as dress hats. Homburgs can be seen throughout the years, mainly the '40s-'60s, worn by working-class men, especially men in law enforcement positions. They were almost on the head of every male actor in Western series like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and more.

Homburg hats could be worn throughout the year.

Did you know?: The hat was popularised in the 1890s by Edward VII after he visited Bad Homburg in Hesse, Germany. After bringing back a hat of this style, every man wanted one.


Stylish Suede Glove Ads

Shoes are supposed to be the main focus of this ad, but the gloves on the model's hands stand out more than anything. These are stylish and protective weather gloves for men's and women's hands, and there were even smaller versions for children. Men can be seen with short, leather gloves, while women primarily wore longer, suede ones.

Did you know?: Gloves have been around for a while, dating back close to the 1500s, but long gloves, like the one in the ad, were invented as a fashion statement for women.


Mink Fur Coat Ads

Nothing makes a winter fashion statement more than a fur coat. These are on the expensive side of staying warm and were worn by middle-class and wealthy women from the '40s to now. As times changed, different types of faux fur coats appeared, becoming an affordable, stylish option. They were always seen as a sign of luxury.

Did you know?: In the 1500s, fur was initially used for trading.


Commuter Boot Ads

In the advertisement, you can see that versatile styling boots were trendy in the '40s. You could wear them over your pants or under, and your feet would remain warm. Leather boots were more stylish in the winter and could be seen on men, women and children.

Did you know?: The earliest mention of leather boots can be traced back to the 11th century.


Men's Fashion Coat Ads

What went along well with the Homburg hats in the '40s? Men's fashion overcoats. You know, the solid ones with six big buttons. These coats came in many colors, but Black and Khaki were seen the most in television shows and films.

Did you know?:These overcoats were mainly wool, and some were said to have two layers, one for warmth and a waterproof one.


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