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5 holiday traditions that every generation can love

When you think of holiday traditions, what's the first thought that comes to mind? Is it baking cakes and pies with your parents? Or something like always serving turkey? Whatever it is, it's a piece of your family with a huge chunk of value.

There are different holiday traditions for each generation. Yet, some from the earliest generations will never fade away.

Here are five that every generation can love.


Tradition: prepping for holiday dinner the day before

No matter what generation you're a part of, preparing for a big dinner the day before is always a helpful tradition! Some people even prep a week before the big day, making the holiday much more special when you're not running around trying to figure things out.


Tradition: decorating your house on the first day of the month

This is a popular decorating tradition that Gen X, Gen Z and everyone could enjoy. The thrill of waking up on the first day of the new month, and grabbing your storage bins specifically for decorations, is something that can never be replaced.


Tradition: waking up at sunrise to start cooking the feast

The early bird always has the most time left for fun! One tradition is waking up around 7:00 am or 8:00 am to start cooking your feast. This way, by dinner time, instead of waiting for one dish to get done, you and your family will be able to eat and enjoy each other's company.


Tradition: dressing in your Sunday's best

Dressing in lovely attire is a holiday tradition that will never grow old. Everyone shows up in their best threads as they catch up with family they haven't seen all year.


Tradition: watching holiday movies in the living room as a family

After the holiday's main event, the dinner, one tradition that every generation can love is participating in family activities. Some families watch holiday-themed movies, and others play games.

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