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5 great ''Cheers'' episodes for fans of Rebecca Howe

Kirstie Alley joined Cheers in its sixth season as new bar manager Rebecca Howe and immediately became a fan-favorite character on the show. Though Alley passed last year, we're putting together this list to honor her on what would've been her 72nd birthday, Jan. 12. Here are some standout Rebecca episodes throughout her time on Cheers.


Season 6, Episode 1 — "Home is the Sailor"

You can't start a list of Rebecca episodes without mentioning her very first appearance. Six months after his break-up with Diane, Sam returns to Cheers to find that a lot has changed in the bar. One of the biggest changes is that the bar is now being run by Rebecca. Sam and Rebecca bounce off of each other in hilarious style in this episode, a dynamic that would continue for the rest of the show. Though Rebecca's characterization is a little different from what would come later, this was a perfect introduction to the character and her unique personality that would flesh out the Cheers cast. 


Season 7, Episode 2 — "Sisterly Love"

Who doesn't love it when we get to meet the siblings of our favorite characters? In this case, Rebecca's estranged sister Susan comes to town and shenanigans ensue. Susan is a famous actress who stars in horror movies, and Sam immediately takes a liking to her. Sam tries to get them to reconcile, for some unsavory reasons, much to Rebecca's chagrin. Through a heated conversation, we learn that Susan was always going after Rebecca's boyfriends, leading Sam to kick off a plan to win them both over. Fortunately, the sisters figure out Sam's plan and stop it in dramatic fashion, with a fake shooting and some convincing acting from both of them. While putting Sam in his place, the two sisters rekindle their sisterly love for each other and coyly thank Sam for helping them out.


Season 9, Episode 3 — "Rebecca Redux"

After Robin is arrested for insider trading in his bid to take over the company that owns Cheers, Rebecca decides that she wants to pursue a new career path and leaves her bar manager position. Because of this, Sam is trying to work overtime to keep the bar afloat. After helping Sam figure out how to work his computer, Rebecca tells the patrons and staff of Cheers that she has found a job in "public relations" and that it might lead to exciting things. After not being able to take it anymore, Sam hires a new manager, Earl, to take Rebecca's place and everyone loves him. When Sam and Woody leave the bar to check out the auto show, they find that Rebecca has been working as a demonstrator for a car buff company, and she has to deal with acid, fire and other dangerous substances. Sam rescues her from the auto show and gives her her old job back, with the caveat that she has to fire Earl.


Season 9, Episodes 15 and 16 — "The Days of Wine and Neuroses" and "Wedding Bell Blues"

If you're a fan of Rebecca, then chances are you already know and love these episodes. Considered to be some of the best Cheers episodes of them all, these episodes follow Rebecca and the rest of the Cheers crew after she gets a surprise marriage proposal from Robin, who reveals he will soon be out of prison for "good behavior". Rebecca emphatically accepts and the gang gets ready for the big day. At her bridal shower, Rebecca drinks way too much and starts questioning her life, causing her to leave the bar and not return for 3 days. After Sam finds her at her apartment, Rebecca says she doesn't want to marry Robin, tries to make a move on Sam and passes out in his arms. The next day (and episode), Rebecca returns to the bar in her wedding dress, not remembering the night before. For the remainder of the episode, Sam tries to jog Rebecca's memory, which he is finally able to do with a slice of pizza. Rebecca calls off the wedding and Robin leaves her, taking $6 million dollars that he stashed in her desk. 


Season 10, Episodes 25 and 26 — "An Old-Fashioned Wedding"

Cheers really loved its wedding episodes, didn't it? This time the happy couple is Woody and Kelly, who plan to go on with their wedding despite warnings from Carla that it could be a disaster. Rebecca is in charge of organizing the wedding, which brings back her regrets for not marrying Robin and living the lavish lifestyle that was sure to follow. To make matters worse, Rebecca has to constantly butt heads with the head chef of the catering company, who looks down on her and the rest of the Cheers team as "bar people". After Rebecca accidentally bites the head off of the wedding cake topper, the caterer gets fed up and leaves, leaving the team to scramble to get everthing done and deal with the unexpected passing of the wedding's minister. The crew spends the whole next episode trying to keep everyone unaware of the minister's death and the caterer's exit.. Needless to say, these two episodes have something for just about everyone.

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