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5 glamorous Eva Gabor looks from her appearance on The Love Boat

You can't mention style icons without including Eva Gabor. The actress, most known for her role as Lisa Douglas on Green Acres, always got everyone's attention when she walked into a room. Her style has influenced younger actresses and she is often referred to as the original glamour queen. Not only was her fashion style held to a high standard, but fans also loved her hairstyle so much that she made millions from her wig company.

With the holiday season in full effect, finding an outfit for a Christmas party, for example, can be a struggle. If you need help, look at these five Eva Gabor looks from her appearance on The Love Boat episode "Dear Beverly / Strike / Special Delivery."


The red dress

Gabor is wearing a red dress with fur around the sleeves in the freeze frame. This dress inspiration is perfect for the holiday season because red is connected to Christmas. She also has a silver handbag and jewelry, a color used a lot to glamour up the season. 


The colorful dress

Who said Christmas fashion couldn't be colorful? Although Gabor is wearing more of a spring look in this freeze frame, there's nothing wrong with wearing these colors at a holiday-themed party.


The maroon dress

Off-the-shoulder dresses were trendy in earlier decades. Gabor is wearing a beautiful maroon dress with lots of complimenting jewelry in this freeze frame. It's cold during the holiday, but most gatherings are indoors, so why not?


The light pink dress

There's nothing better than a light pink dress partnered with medium-sized pearls. This look was trendy on television during the '70s, similar to some of the styles Gabor wore on Green Acres.


The black dress

With this black dress, Gabor has a long sleeve, see-through lace cover over it with fur around the edge. It's a look that shows why she's called the original queen of glamour. She also has on silver bracelets for a pop of color.

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