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10 times kids weren't really selling it in vintage advertisements

Nothing sells like a smile. Advertisers want people to look happy using products. 

The follow brands are great products, and brilliant creative brains from Madison Avenue were behind the concepts. But sometimes, as we all know (and remember), kids don't always play along. This is why the school photographer always had a "little birdie" for yearbook day. It's tough getting child actors to cooperate! Especially when they have to sit around in a studio all day. Modeling is not as glamorous as it seems.

At least, that's our theory behind these rather blase vintage ads.



Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids! And malfunctioning androids.

Image: General Mills



Have yourself a meh…lancholy Christmas? Young Brooke Shields was emo before emo kids came along.

Image: Breck



She seems a bit miffed that mom is stealing her look.

Image: Ivory



Looks like someone just wanted a pair of jeans, not striped clown bellbottoms.

Image: Wards / Classic Film via Flickr


Nestlé Toll House

It seems like someone doesn't like sharing. We can relate to that when it comes to cookies.

Image: Nestlé


Log Cabin

These two are more "Jaded New York Times Pancake Critic" than "Pancake Experts."

Image: Log Cabin



"You see here, mister! You can take your Breakfast of Champions, buster, and stick it right here, pal!"

Image: General Mills


Kellogg's Corn Flakes

Either the artist misinterpreted the "try not to make the smile looked forced" direction or he was painting an origin story for Captain America's nemesis, the Red Skull.

Image: Kellogg's


Borden's Dutch Chocolate Drink

This young fellow put the "bored" in "Borden's." If he looks a little sleepy-eyed, remember that he probably had to sit around drinking warm milk all day, take after take.

Image: Borden's


Fisher Price

Oh, they can totally tell that's not a real TV.

Image: Fisher Price

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