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10 of the coolest vintage items from the Mad Men auction

Image: AMC

When your favorite show ends, what happens to all of the props? Sometimes, stars of the show will take some sentimental parts of the set — for example, Jerry Seinfeld held on to the door to his apartment on Seinfeld, Kramer’s shoe scuffs and all. Most props, however, sit around in a warehouse for a while until they’re auctioned off. 

This is a shame, especially when it comes to a show like Mad Men, the AMC drama set in the 1960s, which was praised time and time again for its attention to detail

Set designer Dan Bishop told TIME magazine, “The office Rolo­dexes are full of real vintage cards with retro Klondike-5-style phone numbers. The coffee tables are littered with day-and-date-appropriate issues of the New Yorker and Life. If there's a pile of papers on a desk, someone from the crew typed them—that's typed on a typewriter, not printed on a computer."

If set and costume designers were unable to use authentic vintage items dating back to the accurate year the show was set in, they would make props that were as accurate as possible. Designers were sure to include props from eras earlier as well, because people don’t go out and buy new furniture every time the trends change. These details are why it’s so exciting for vintage and Mad Men fans alike that so many props and costumes are being put up for auction through Screen Bid. Here are 10 of the most exciting things you’ll want to bust your wallet out for.


Ted’s leather aviator jacket

Current Bid: $150

OK, Ted isn’t anyone’s favorite Mad Men character, but this is a cool coat — arguably cooler than anything about Ted Chaough. You’re not a pilot? That’s fine. Despite the fact that Ted didn’t seem particularly good at flying a plane, he did have a coat specifically worn for doing so. 

Image: AMC


Peggy’s office couch

Current Bid: $350

Not many women in the 1960s moved their way up from the secretary pool to having their own office big enough to fit a couch. But Peggy did, and this couch is a symbol of it. Put this couch in your living room and channel those Peggy vibes when you’re having a tough week at work. Plus it’s just a really great burnt orange color.

Image: AMC


Betty’s Sad Clown Dress

Current Bid: $450

There were a lot of great Betty outfits up for auction, but nothing topped the white polka dot number she wore in season 2. Sure, the party dress itself is fabulous, but we especially appreciate the little tidbit of information from Screen Bid, saying that costumers referred to it as the “Sad Clown Dress.”

Image: AMC


Stan’s wild jacket

Current Bid: $200

The coolest thing about Stan Rizzo is that he didn’t give a damn what anyone thought about him or his look. While the head honchos at SCDP slowly worked their way into the fashion of the late ‘60s by rocking slightly more fitted suits, Stan was wearing jackets like this suede and denim one with embroidered cacti.

Image: AMC


Highball drink set

Current Bid: $250

Whether you love Mad Men, love to host or are just looking to spruce up your bar cart, you really don’t need to look any further than this drink set. The colors and design are so quintessentially 1960s and the carrier adds to the vintage aesthetic.

Image: Screen Bid


Sally Draper’s quilt

Current Bid: $100

Did you think any daughter of Betty Draper’s wouldn’t have style? Unfortunately, that killer dress worn by Kiernan Shipka in the season 7 promo shots isn’t up for bid, but the funky paisley quilt she has on her bed at boarding school is, and for that, we’re thankful.

Image: Screen Bid


Megan’s mini dress

Current Bid: $500

Mad Men fans were pretty divided when it came to Don’s much-younger new wife, but something everyone could agree on was that Megan had loooooks — including but certainly not limited to this metallic mini dress. Sure, you could buy this dress as a collector’s item, or you could turn heads in it yourself.

Image: AMC


Entertainment center

Current Bid: $350

Unfortunately, this entertainment center with a TV, radio and record player isn’t in working condition, but it is super cool looking. If you’re a talented tinkerer, getting this aesthetically pleasing thing in working order would be a great new project.

Image: Screen Bid


Pete Campbell’s sport coat

Current Bid: $175

Sure, Pete was kind of the worst, but you have to admit he was a snappy dresser — especially at out-of-work functions, like Don’s surprise party. According to Screen Bid, the costume designer, Janie Bryant said, “Pete is that very upper class, New York City, Ivy League character, which so many of the guys in the office are. For me that madras coat just reeked of preppiness, and it's also very young, because he still is a young executive in the office. I loved that idea of him wearing the summer madras in that scene."

Image: AMC


Don’s 1964 Imperial

Current Bid: $17,000

Now, for the holy grail of Mad Men props: Don Draper’s red convertible. Car enthusiasts should flock to this car, because according to Screen Bid, only 922 of the 1964 Imperial Crown convertibles were built and only as many as 200 are believed to still exist. This car was painted for the show, but the original Roman Dark Red is still visible under the hood.

Image: AMC

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