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Prepare your heart to warm: Here's the first photo of Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers

Image: Sony Pictures

Although we have just reached this October, fans of Mister Rogers are already excited for next October. That's when Tom Hanks will take on the role of the famous PBS children's show icon in the feature film You Are My Friend. The movie will tell the life story of Fred Rogers, and last week, Sony Pictures gave us our first glimpse of Hanks decked out in a red sweater. See their photo below:

Mister Rogers is one of those figures who seemed to embody all that is good in the world. Tom Hanks has a reputation that's nearly as charming. So everyone knew the casting was going to be a heartwarming call, but likely few were prepared for this press photo to bring the sunshine like it does. Hopefully it made you smile (even if we would've expected to see Mister Rogers pulling his shoes off).

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