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Decades pays tribute to Arte Johnson all this week on Laugh-In

Last week, the comedy world lost a legend in Arte Johnson. As a regular cast member of the cutting-edge variety show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, Johnson crafted unforgettable comedic characters like Wolfgang the German Soldier, Piotr Rosmenko ("The Eastern European Man") and Tyrone F. Horneigh.

Each zany persona delivered laughs — and catchphrases. Boomers have been quoting Wolfgang's "Verrry interesting!" for half a century.

All this week, Monday through Friday at 7p ET | 4p PT, Decades proudly presents hand-selected episodes of Laugh-In that showcase his genius. Relive some of Johnson's funniest moments as a sketch-comedy sparkplug on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.

Here's what's on tap.

Monday, July 8
Season 1, episode 8

Today’s sketches include the first appearance of Johnson's old man character, Tyrone F. Horneigh, who always seems to get slugged with a purse.

Tuesday, July 9
Season 2, episode 4

Today's sketches include the birds and the bees, the fickle finger of fate, sock it to me and the cocktail party, the 1968 election, and a tribute to the newspapers.

Wednesday, July 10
Season 2, episode 8

Special guest Rod Serling of The Twilight Zone introduces Johnson as "Mr. Robot" in robot theater.

Thursday, July 11
Season 3, episode 5

Today’s sketches include a health club visit, General Bullwright, the track runner, the good and bad news, the mod world of hospitals, the driving instructor, the pickpocket scenes, and the bum quickie.

Friday, July 12
Season 3, episode 6

Today’s sketches include a salute to organized crime, news of the past, present, and future, the fickle finger of fate, birth control hints for husbands, the mummy runner, and letters to Laugh-In.

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