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Christopher Knight recently pitched his ideal reboot of The Brady Bunch

As The Brady Bunch celebrates its 50th birthday, the show's stars have stepped back into the spotlight, recently partnering with HGTV to renovate their former sitcom home. As the former child stars continue dishing about the history of their iconic series, at least one Brady kid has already given the future of the show's legacy some thought. In an interview with Cinema Blend, Peter Brady actor Christopher Knight recently discussed his thoughts on a possible reboot of The Brady Bunch:

"A new Brady Bunch? It would have a hard time getting started. There's a lot more cynicism. But if you were trying to produce something again for five-to-nine-year-olds, yeah, there could be, where parents weren't the butt of the child's joke, but really a healthy participant in their world and life and supportive of them, where there was actually a validity shared in either direction. I think it could [work]."

His optimism continues, as Knight went on to explain how he thought it could work better as a cartoon — so long as it was handled with the complexity of a Pixar movie.

Knight said, "But I think where you'd find [healthy child-parent relationships] is in a cartoon; it seems to be where that kind of innocence and simplicity [is done well], maybe with a high note for adults' enjoyment woven in. Disney has always done it well, but Pixar does a wonderful job of supplying this format today, and that's sort of where it's being played out."

Going even further, Knight even submitted a possible backstory were he to pitch The Brady Bunch as an animated series made today. He suggested the present "...Brady kids as sort of simple superheroes – I don't think it's a stretch because they're every-people, right? Making every-people superheroes, and making the things in kids' life — like you're standing up against the bully — that could be kind of set up as a superhero action, but by regular people."

You can hardly blame the former Brady boy for having a hard time seeing anybody but his TV siblings as live action stars in the franchise (forgetting the parody movies made in the 1990s, of course).

Knight said, "I mean, I think it could be [remade], but I don't think it would be with live actors."

Based on the popularity of The Brady Kids in the early 1970s, we could see Knight's reboot giving the famous family a new chance at another sunshine day in TV history.

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