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Before starring on Green Acres, Eddie Albert wanted to be a singer

When you're a multitalented celebrity, it becomes easier to find work.

However, when they thrive in one industry, like television, some fans automatically assume they're living out their dreams. In reality, sometimes being on TV is a placeholder for their real goals.

Eddie Albert was one of the stars on Green Acres, alongside Eva Gabor. He played Oliver Wendell Douglas, a New York attorney who moved him and his wife from the city to farm life.

He also appeared on many classic sitcoms like Petticoat Junction, The Beverly Hillbillies and more. Yet, being an actor was the stepping stone he needed to become a singer.

In an interview with Sunday News in 1966, the actor made it clear that he would've been a singer if he had the choice. "I would rather be a singer than an actor," he said. "I've had to do the Green Acres TV show in order to become a singing personality."

His success on the show brought a lot of attention to him as a celebrity, and instead of shying away from it, Albert used it to fulfill his musical dreams. Although this was a good thing, it did seem to upset the actor. He felt that since he had singing experience before the show, he should've been thriving in music.

"Why, I was a singer on the radio long before TV came along," he revealed. "It was a song show, Grace and Eddie, that led to [me] getting the big part in the original Broadway production of Brother Rat that made me an actor. That's what I've been ever since."

Albert and the rest of the cast sang the theme song to the classic Green Acres series. He believed that no one worked harder than him to be a singer. "I don't think anybody alive has worked as hard as I have to be a singer. I'm still not a good one. But I'm better than I was."

Later that summer, he was set to make a 12-track album in Nashville, which included the "Green Acres" single, under a new recording contract.

To Albert, Nashville was the center of the recording world.

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