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Full House's theme song composer wanted to be the next Bob Dylan

Jesse Frederick wrote basically all of the Nineties' best theme songs.

Meet the two actors who played Danny Tanner's mom on Full House

Alice Hirson was Granny Tanny from the start, then Doris Roberts took over.

A protest by The Waltons stars led film extra Jerado Decordovier unexpectedly into the spotlight

Will Geer and Ralph Waite refused to appear in "The Warrior" without him.

Lynn Hamilton delivered some of The Waltons' most emotional moments

Earl Hamner, Jr. tried to develop a whole series around the Verdie Grant actor.

Did you know they tricked Carol Burnett into doing those Q&A sessions before every show?

Talking to the audience actually made the showstopper ''very nervous.''

Carol Burnett explains why she doesn't give advice

"As long as I'm still standing, I'm going to keep on laughing, and I hope you will too."

Carol Burnett performed all the songs on her show without ever learning to read music

She drew “little squigglies” on the lyrics to remember the tune.

R.I.P. Gilbert Gottfried, comedian and actor known for his iconic voice

His wit was as sharp as the squawk he gave the parrot Iago in Aladdin and the Aflac duck.

Not everybody watching In the Heat of the Night was convinced by Carroll O'Connor's Southern accent

Famous for his New York accent, Carroll O'Connor had to work hard to sound like a police chief ...more

Alan Autry's daughter briefly appeared once on In the Heat of the Night

Blink and you’ll miss the father-daughter moment in an episode fittingly called "Every Man’s ...more

13 vintage kitchen appliances we'd love to have again

We could really use a Beanery and hanging refrigerator.

Crafting trends of the 1970s you might want to revisit

From macramé to Shrinky Dinks, the 1970s were a golden age for crafts.

20 totally tubular pages from the 1983 Sears catalog

Aerobics, velour and Garfield were all the rage in '83. So much aerobics.

Christopher Knight made his screen debut in this curious Mannix episode

Uhura's earrings and Armenian dialogue are also reasons to see ''Coffin for a Clown.''

How Johnny Carson indirectly caused the death of 'Mannix'

Late-night reruns of the action show led to a tug of war between two networks.

10 forgotten TV shows from the Nineties

One of these shows featured guest stars from The Andy Griffith Show, M*A*S*H and Batman.

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