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This Waltons guest star was dubbed the next Mary Tyler Moore

Deirdre Lenihan was "television’s next potential headliner"... until she wasn’t.

10 vintage electronics that aren't used much today

Were you ever the person with a boombox on your shoulder or a walkman on your hip?

These behind-the-scenes photos prove cardigans were the epitome of cool in the Sixties

Who needs a leather jacket? These stars looked stylish in button-down sweaters.

The Petticoat Junction train is still rollin' down the tracks

You may not know it, but the ''little train'' in Petticoat Junction has had quite the career in ...more

Things we miss and don’t miss about the drive-in theater

At one time there were over 4,000 drive-in theaters in America!

Ted Danson's toupee practically became its own character on Cheers

Did you know the moment Sam removed his hairpiece was totally unscripted?

These candid photos show the messy aftermath of I Love Lucy’s famous grape stomping scene

The iconic moment looks hilarious on camera but was perilous to film.

Joan Rivers' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was the result of a name mix up

Sullivan may have said the wrong name at the time, but it certainly worked out for him and Rivers.

The story behind The Flintstones’ most rocking song

Connect the modern Stone Age family to the "Age of Aquarius."

Do you remember The Flintstones episode where Dino had puppies?

Dino fell in love with the "dogasaurus" next door.

LIFE Magazine released hundreds of photos behind the scenes of The Flintstones in 1960

See the artists, cast and crew of the classic cartoon hard at work!

The Flintstones was the most expensive half hour show on television when it debuted

It took seven months of work to complete one episode.

Kami Cotler and Rachel Longaker remained life-long friends after The Waltons

On TV, Elizabeth Walton was considered a bad influence on Aimee Louise Godsey.

Richard Thomas nearly died in a motorcycle accident while The Waltons was on air

On The Waltons, he dealt with his real injury by walking with a cane.

Judy Norton reunited with her first onscreen mom a decade later in The Waltons

Norton made her acting debut in the 1967 film Hotel alongside future Waltons guest star Dee Carroll. ...more

Will Geer was the king of improvising on The Waltons

One in every four lines Grandpa spoke were totally improvised.

This Full House guest star became the voice of Casper the Friendly Ghost

Steven Spielberg chose Malachi Pearson out of hundreds of kids to capture "the innocence of Casper."

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