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8 forgotten Christmas specials of the 1980s

Did you spend the holidays with George Burns, Pee-wee and Freddie the Freeloader.

Barbara Eden reveals how she almost chose 'Lucy' over 'I Dream of Jeannie'

When Lucy met Jeannie, both sparkles and sparks flew.

Here's what happened to the twins who played Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy'

No, Desi Arnaz, Jr., didn't play Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy.'

10 tiny details you never noticed in Rob's office on The Dick Van Dyke Show

See what Rob's workplace has to do with Van Gogh, brand-new toys, and series errors.

8 forgotten animated Thanksgiving specials of the 1980s

Daffy Duck, Q*bert and Garfield all celebrated Turkey Day.

7 forgotten, gritty cop shows of the 1960s

Where else could you find a boxing champion undercover and Spock in leather?

13 vintage turkey recipes that would ruin anybody's Thanksgiving

Enjoy this heaping second helping of Turkey Day's most dismal dishes.

8 vintage toy ads from the '60s that were popular Christmas gifts

Which of these toys did you have as a child?

5 shows that debuted in the fall during the '60s

A lot of people could argue that the '60s produced the best sitcoms.

Vicki Lawrence got her start through Carol Burnett when she was only 17

Vicki Lawrence and Carol Burnett's friendship started in one of the most unique ways.

Bernie Kopell shut down when 'The Love Boat' ended

"I said, come on, wake up, there's life that's still going on."

R.I.P Jerry Lee Lewis, rock and roll pioneer

Jerry Lee Lewis was one of the great pioneers of rock and roll. He was 87.

10 things we remember from the '80s that hardly exist today

These things got us through the '80s. Today, they hardly exist in everyday life.

10 of the most iconic and influential TV talk show hosts from the '80s

Take a seat on the couch, here are 10 of the best talk show hosts to take the stage in the '80s

Carol Burnett recalls fighting for her comedy variety show to be aired

The legendary actress shared that a CBS vice president didn't believe in The Carol Burnett Show.

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