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5 must-see holiday episodes on the weekend Binge

Christmas and Hanukkah week is here! Celebrate with the Decades Holiday Binge. This weekend, we're bringing you holiday-themed episodes of your favorite programs, as well as some new shows. For example, J.A.G. and Touched by an Angel will make an apperance in this weekend's binge. These are just a couple of the many great episodes we'll be airing. You can find the full schedule here.

Saturday December 24th 

The Lucy Show "Lucy the Choirmaster (Christmas)"

3pET | 2pCT

Lucille Ball's follow-up to I Love Lucy remains underrated. It's a riot. In this episode, Lucy wants to get her son, Jerry, to California for Christmas as frugally as possible, so she arranges for his military academy class to perform carols at the bank. Feeling the holiday spirit, Mr. Mooney joins the choir to sing bass.

Square Pegs "A Child's Christmas in Weemawee" Parts 1 & 2 

5pET I 4pCT

Sarah Jessica Parker's charming 1980s sitcom about freaks and geeks still resonates. Patty (Parker) is in a quandary. Should she spend Christmas in an isolated cabin with her divorced father, or the way she'd prefer — with her friends at school? 

J.A.G. "Ghosts of Christmas Past"

8pET I 7pCT

During his annual visit to the Vietnam Memorial, Harm meets Jenny Lake, a former singer in Bob Hope's USO band, who was there on the Christmas his father was shot down. 

Sunday December 25th 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman "Fifi's First Christmas" 

8aET I 7aCT

At Christmastime, the family receives a rambunctious poodle from Mike's mother, and Brian has a case of puppy love for a new girl in town. Tune in for Jane Seymour's gripping period drama.

Touched by an Angel "Fear Not!" 

11aET I 10aCT

A small town church is putting on its Christmas pageant, and little Serena desperately wants to be the angel. Her friend Joey must come to terms with the fact that Serena is dying of a heart condition. 

These are just five of the shows out of the whole weekend, so be sure to check our schedule and tune in. Happy holidays from Decades! 

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