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Bidding adieu to the VW Beetle

Volkswagen announced it was discontinuing the Beetle in favor of the new Microbus.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show’s most complex female stories were written by women

The Mary Tyler Moore Show to female writers trying to break into the industry: "Write as many ...more

A look back at Glamour's iconic cover girls

Landing a 'Glamour' cover was a career changer for many women in Hollywood.

10 things you should know about 'I Married Joan'

There's a lot to know about the wacky housewife!

10 stunning facts you never knew about the Barbie doll

The doll that billions bought graced a million-dollar Andy Warhol painting.

10 supersonic, hot-hot-hot one-hit wonders from 1988

Don't worry, you'll be happy to hear these again.

March 4, 1968: The LeClair Affair

“People remember the protests and the hippies and this and that,” said Behr. “I don’t ...more

5 lucky facts about McDonald's Shamrock Shake

It's that time of year again!

6 Newhart episodes that are basically fairy tales

Once upon a time, at the Stratford Inn…

8 classy facts about Julie Andrews

What would the stage or screen be without Julie Andrews?

I Love Lucy and I Married Joan had a whole lot in common

America has two favorite wacky housewives.

7 tried-and-true facts about Levi's denim

You're probably wearing them right now.

6 Easter eggs Newhart fans should have caught

There were a number of clever little nods to Newhart's predecessor.

'I Love Lucy,' 'Mary Tyler Moore,' 'Newhart' and more join a new Decades lineup March 5

Television Across the Decades will be a time machine through the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s.

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