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Catch All The Laughs


Move over Marvel, General Mills wants to make a movie universe around Count Chocula

Also starring Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy.

Here's a map of the most highly sought Thanksgiving recipes, by state

At least two states seem stuck in the 1970s.

10 fascinating facts you never knew about Follow That Bird

Remembering Big Bird's big screen debut!

California wildfire burns the historic set where Gunsmoke and M*A*S*H were filmed

The Paramount Ranch has served as a film setting since 1927.

10 unlikely, unusual songs that made it to No. 1 in the 1980s

TV themes! Greek electronic instrumental! Phony German rappers!

7 brand name changes we never got over

We still call it Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Here's why Little Ricky said the set of The Andy Griffith Show was more fun than I Love Lucy

The child star recalls Andy Griffith playing checkers backstage.

Who remembers the goth beauty pageants of the 1970s?

Even ghosts and vampires deserve crowns.

7 friendly facts about Casper the Ghost

There's more to the little ghost than you think.

After 50 years, the original Big Bird puppeteer Caroll Spinney is retiring

Like Big Bird says, "I guess it's better to be who you are."

10 vintage Halloween foods that were more trick than treat

Does anyone really want mummified grapes?

The wicked TV movie Satan's School for Girls helped launch the career of two Angels

Aaron Spelling produced this unforgettable 1973 flick with Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd.

Here's the meaning behind 12 catchy songs with completely nonsense lyrics

Discover what it means to sing these doo wah ditty ditties.

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