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25 holiday gifts from 1958 that you just don't see these days

Lobsters were rockin' around the Christmas tree!

10 shoe brands everyone had and wanted in the 1990s

Who could forget these iconic shoe brands?

6 Westerns Mary Tyler Moore appeared in early in her career

She mostly played dramatic roles but got to show her funny side on a few occasions.

9 odd but true facts about The Odd Couple

Did you know the classic 1970s sitcom featured 'Peanuts' siblings and Penny Marshall family reunions? ...more

Vivian Vance begged The Lucy Show writers to keep her character feminine

"I wanted to get away from those tough, hard-bitten, masculine sounding jokes."

15 incredibly Fifties pages from 1950s Sears catalogs

Cowboys, calypso, pajamas and transistors were all the rage in the Eisenhower era. Flip through ...more

5 glamorous Eva Gabor looks from her appearance on The Love Boat

Having a Christmas party and don't know what to wear? Get inspiration from Eva Gabor.

6 fascinating, forgotten shows from Desilu Productions that somehow flopped

Lucy and Desi didn't always have the magic touch.

8 fascinating, failed TV shows that flopped in 1980

Movie remakes and Japanese pop stars made for one quirky season.

8 frothy facts about your favorite bartender, Ted Lange!

Bartender Isaac Washington deserves to be celebrated.

7 obscure and amazing variety shows you totally forgot about

Almost anyone could get a variety show back in the '60s and '70s.

The actor behind this eerie Twilight Zone alien was a familiar TV face

Milton Selzer played a Perry Mason client and victim, too.

The hidden talents of 15 classic television stars

Which cowboy was a surfing nut? Which detective hung out with chess grandmasters?

12 fast food sandwiches you will never eat again

Who remembers the taste of a Barnbuster, Bell Beefer or McFeast?

How the 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' tackled one of TV's biggest taboos

"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" is groundbreaking in its own right, but it wasn't until this episode ...more

5 vintage ads from the 1940s that show the decade's cozy winter style

Who said that cold weather halts fashion statements?

'Petticoat Junction' star Lori Saunders was rescued in real life in a very 'Petticoat Junction' way

The actress was saved by a construction crew worker literally named Angel.

10 quirky inventions that came from the minds of classic TV actors

You can thank these actors for the artificial heart and an ashtray shaped like an accordion.

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