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Gavin MacLeod believed that The Love Boat was an escape for viewers

It wasn't just a cruise ship and show; it was happiness for many.

Mary Tyler Moore's other notable roles

The iconic actress worked in more newsrooms than WJM-TV.

8 of the best questions, answers and interactions from the Q+A sessions on The Carol Burnett Show

Burnett's quick-wit and situational comedy abilities made the Q+A sessions a must-watch for any ...more

Carol Burnett once used her ''Tarzan'' yell to prove her identity. After, she vowed to never do it in public again

''I looked around... there was nobody else on that floor but me and these two salespeople. And ...more

10 dramatic facts about 'Family,' the critically adored 1976-80 series

The show made Kristy McNichol and Meredith Baxter Birney stars.

5 great ''Cheers'' episodes for fans of Rebecca Howe

January 12th is Kirstie Alley's birthday, so why not look at some of her best episodes on Cheers?

R.I.P. Adam Rich, child star best known as Nicholas Bradford from ''Eight Is Enough''

Rich was just 8 years old when he displayed the memorable pageboy haircut with his character of ...more

The Love Boat's Lauren Tewes was said to be the next Mary Tyler Moore

Lauren Tewes had a few things in common with Mary Tyler Moore, including her love for acting.

''The Lucy Show'' was Lucille Ball's television comeback that almost didn't happen

Even though CBS gave Ball great offers to do the show, Vivian Vance is why the comeback happened.

A signal system with her grandmother caused one of Carol Burnett's earlobes to be longer than the other

Because she couldn't say ''hi nanny'' on TV, Burnett and her grandmother came up with another ...more

Jill Whelan was a ''nervous wreck'' when she became a regular on The Love Boat

"I didn't know what to expect or how to act," Whelan said.

The 10 most powerful closing statements from The Twilight Zone

Rod Serling's narrations continue to ring true.

Portals, time-loops, gremlins and more — 8 spooky episodes of The Twilight Zone

Here are our picks for some of the spookiest Twilight Zone episodes!

Carol Burnett's Twilight Zone episode was meant to launch a whole new series

She brought a funny element from her real-life experience as a movie theater usher to the role.

16 celebrities you might have forgotten were on 'The Twilight Zone'

Stars of the silent age, Star Trek, comedy and cinema turned up on Rod Serling's timeless series.

Ida Lupino was the only person to act in a Twilight Zone episode and direct another

She starred alongside Humphrey Bogart then directed everything from thrillers to sitcoms throughout ...more

Gunsmoke's Amanda Blake proved she could do anything on her own

In 1961, Amanda Blake really said ''I don't need men.''

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