Decades celebrates comedy legend Carol Burnett with ''A Christmas Carol'' on Christmas Day

Tune in to watch Carol on a slew of classic TV shows, including The Lucy Show, Ed Sullivan and ...more

Leonard Nimoy's directorial debut was this vampire story on Night Gallery

Fortunately, a Star Trek cameraman was on hand to help!

See if you remember these 10 Christmas specials from the 1980s

Pac-Man, the Chipmunks, Garfield and soulful raisins all celebrated the season.

Were you a part of the Cabbage Patch Craze of 1983?

How far would you have gone for the season's It Toy?

R.I.P. Tim Rossovich, NFL star turned TV tough guy and character actor

Tom Selleck's college roommate appeared on Wonder Woman, ALF, Charlie's Angels and more.

25 holiday gifts from 1958 that you just don't see these days

Lobsters were rockin' around the Christmas tree!

8 things you never knew about 'Love, American Style'

The Sexual Revolution may have swept through American pop culture in the 1970s, but changes were ...more

Tune in to Decades' five-day Twilight Zone marathon the week of December 31

Binge 108 episodes of the classic series as part of A Toast to Twilight.

These were the best-selling Christmas albums of the 1970s

What to play if you're throwing an authentic throwback holiday party. From Michael Jackson to ...more

10 golden things you might not know about 'The Phil Silvers Show'

President Eisenhower, Seinfeld and the United Kingdom all love Sgt. Bilko.

Your favorite black and white TV shows look far different in bright, beautiful color

Salute the red skies of The Twilight Zone, the blue walls of I Love Lucy.

Binge all 12 episodes of 'Decades Presents: 1968' on Monday, December 3

It all builds to the premiere of "1968: All the Rage."

Move over Marvel, General Mills wants to make a movie universe around Count Chocula

Also starring Frankenberry, Boo Berry, Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy.

8 forgotten animated Thanksgiving specials of the 1980s

Daffy Duck, Q*bert and Garfield all celebrated Turkey Day.

Here's a map of the most highly sought Thanksgiving recipes, by state

At least two states seem stuck in the 1970s.

10 fascinating facts you never knew about Follow That Bird

Remembering Big Bird's big screen debut!

California wildfire burns the historic set where Gunsmoke and M*A*S*H were filmed

The Paramount Ranch has served as a film setting since 1927.
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