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The writers for The Carol Burnett Show hated ''The Family'' sketch at first

They didn't think Vicki Lawrence should play Carol Burnett's mother.

Forget dating apps, the Sixties had ''computer matchmaking''

The trend was so popular, a number of classic TV shows got in on the electronic love act.

Did you know the Magic 8 Ball was originally sold as a paperweight?

Keeping an organized desk was at one point the marketing ploy for this legendary, insightful and ...more

Tom Hanks' first television role came on 'The Love Boat.' Here's why the actor called it 'a big deal'

Hanks' astonishing Hollywood career essentially started aboard The Pacific Princess.

9 iconic Super Bowl halftime performances from classic musicians

From The Rolling Stones to Smokey Robinson, which Super Bowl halftime show is your favorite?

This forbidden Dick Van Dyke episode was filmed but never aired

"It was a story about behavior," but the premise was considered too risqué in the Sixties.

Lauren Tewes had the nicest response to critics of The Love Boat

Critics were not in love with the boat. So, the cruise director addressed it.

The Ed Sullivan Show captured the last TV performance from Diana Ross and The Supremes

''In their last television appearance together, here is Diana and The Supremes singing their current ...more

Would you go to Jim Henson's 1960s far-out nightclub?

The man behind the Muppets envisioned the club as "entertainment of the future.... theater of ...more

The Love Boat's Ted Lange once wrote a rock musical

Who knew this bartender on The Love Boat was so rock and roll?!

Cindy Williams loved playing the role of Shirley on Laverne & Shirley

Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall were surprised when Laverne & Shirley became one of the most-watched ...more

The Love Boat's Lauren Tewes enjoyed getting fan mail

Lauren Tewes loved acting and the perks that came with it, including fan mail.

Edgar Buchanan thought Petticoat Junction was more realistic than The Beverly Hillbillies

Although The Beverly Hillbillies was based on producer Paul Henning's experiences, Buchanan thought ...more

Decades remembers Cindy Williams and Lisa Loring

Join Decades this weekend as we honor the lives of Cindy Williams and Lisa Loring with a special ...more

A Brooklyn fistfight at 2AM inspired the characters of Laverne and Shirley on Happy Days

Garry Marshall said his girl turned to him and said, "Garry, can you hold my coat?"

R.I.P. Cindy Williams, Shirley Feeney from Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley

The classic actress was nominated for a BAFTA for her role opposite Ron Howard in American Graffiti.

R.I.P. Lisa Loring, the original Wednesday from The Addams Family

Loring took over the grim role of Wednesday Addams when she was just 6 years old, three years ...more

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