Where are they now: Kids from 'The Twilight Zone'

This is what happens to kids when they exit the Twilight Zone.

This symbol inside airplanes is a subtle tribute to a William Shatner 'Twilight Zone' episode

Next time you fly, enter the Twilight Zone and choose the Shatner seat.

Jaclyn Smith opens up about Farrah Fawcett on the 10th anniversary of her death

"I miss her every day," her fellow Charlie's Angel says.

Barney Fife recently helped solve a real crime in Indiana

The victim's defense cited this classic episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

Would you wear disposable clothes like they did in '60s?

Paper dresses were a small blip in sixties fashion.

10 quirky inventions that came from the minds of classic TV actors

You can thank these actors for the artificial heart and an ashtray shaped like an accordion.

The hidden talents of 15 classic television stars

Which cowboy was a surfing nut? Which detective hung out with chess grandmasters?

Mark Hamill to carry on the vision of Jim Henson in 2019

Play a new part in this world of puppetry, he does.

Chip 'n' Dale got an extreme makeover for the Disney+ reboot

Check out the new stripes on this couple of crazy rascals!

R.I.P. Jim McMullan of Chopper One, Beyond Westworld, Dallas and more

The frequent actor on Quinn Martin shows passed away at 82.

R.I.P. Peggy Stewart, ''sheltered'' woman on The Twilight Zone and leading lady of Westerns

She also memorably appeared on hit sitcoms Seinfeld and The Office.

Christopher Knight recently pitched his ideal reboot of The Brady Bunch

The actor saw only one way The Brady Bunch could make a comeback.
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