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R.I.P. Gavan O’Herlihy, Richie’s older brother, Chuck, in Happy Days

He reunited with Ron Howard years later for the movie Willow and played the memorable gang leader ...more

14 forgotten syndicated TV shows of the 1960s

These skydivers, cowboy detectives and deep sea divers didn't need a major network.

Carl Reiner explained why he didn't play Rob Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show

He lost out to "maybe the most talented man ever on television."

12 crispy, salty snack foods from the 1960s

You may have forgotten about these bygone chips and crackers, but your taste buds have not.

How the forgotten Bill Dana Show bred beloved characters for Lost in Space and Get Smart

Jonathan Harris and Don Adams honed their onscreen personas on this buried sitcom.

How Lucille Ball saved 'Star Trek' before it began

The original queen of comedy is the reason Star Trek exists today.

10 unintentionally terrifying vintage Halloween ads you can't unsee

They were aiming for cute and fun but ended up with creepy and frightening.

10 classic 'I Love Lucy' moments that apply to your everyday life

Lucille Ball created some of the most iconic moments in television history. Naturally, these moments ...more

R.I.P. Peter Scolari, star of ‘Bosom Buddies’ and ‘Newhart’

He won an Emmy for HBO’s ‘Girls’ and reunited with Tom Hanks on Broadway.

Peddle back in time with these groovy Schwinn catalog spreads from the 1970s

The bicycle seller perfectly captured the era of bellbottoms, banana seats and BMX.

R.I.P. Betty Lynn, who played Barney Fife's love Thelma Lou

She toured Asia during USO shows, became fast friends with Bette Davis, and retired to the real-life ...more

The original concept sketches for the 'Wonder Woman' TV show costume are both gorgeous and revelatory

"Technical difficulties" kept Lynda Carter from wearing a bikini.

'Wonder Woman' was almost made into a sitcom in the 1960s

In this version, Diana Prince lives with her mother and poses in the mirror.

9 classic TV shows that started out as radio programs

One of these shows remained on the air until 2009.

Do you remember the 1977 Halloween Dr. Seuss' Grinch special?

This spooky Seventies special was a follow-up to the popular Christmas classic.

R.I.P. Cynthia Harris, who wooed King Edward in ‘Edward and Mrs. Simpson’ and played Sylvia in ‘Mad About You’

She also appeared on the big screen with Barbra Streisand and had guest roles on Kojak, Three’s ...more

8 boss radio DJs who rocked the airwaves in the '60s and '70s

Did you listen to Don Steele, Dave Diamond and Don Rose?

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