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Carol Burnett nearly quit The Carol Burnett Show halfway through its run

We might have never seen Mama's Family and Mrs. Wiggins.

Anthony Hopkins was in the Carol Burnett Show audience for its most famous sketch

He witnessed one of the show’s funniest moments live.

In Memoriam: Remembering the TV stars we lost in 2021

We said goodbye to favorites from The Love Boat, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Mod Squad, and more.

10 things you might not know about the Monkees

Who says the Monkees are not important? The foursome influenced Star Trek, David Bowie and Happy ...more

The V-Neck belonged to Morticia Addams in the Sixties

Studios refused to let anyone copy Carolyn Jones' style. Including Lily Munster.

Carolyn Jones vowed to never date actors, writers or producers

The beauty behind Morticia Addams was very particular about who she dated.

The Addams Family refused to be compared to The Munsters

John Astin: "None of us enjoy being compared with the Munsters."

America might love the Addams Family at Christmas more than Halloween

Hundreds of families requested to use this Charles Addams Christmas comic for their holiday cards ...more

The Addams Family tree expanded due to Cousin Itt's popularity

Do you remember Aunt Trivia and Cousin Crimp?

John Astin was initially afraid he couldn't do justice to Gomez Addams

"There was no one I wanted for the part of Gomez other than Astin," said series creator David Levy.

13 altogether ooky facts about 'The Addams Family'

Learn how Jodie Foster, asbestos and the color pink all relate to the creepy, kooky clan.

R.I.P. Eddie Mekka, Carmine "The Big Ragu" Ragusa from Laverne & Shirley

He also appeared in a scene-stealing dance number with Madonna in "A League of Their Own". He ...more

R.I.P. Richard Lee-Sung, a M*A*S*H actor who actually served in the Korean War

The Texas native was a bartender in Chinatown before becoming a guest star in the 4077th.

8 boss disc jockeys of the 1960s. Did you listen to any of them?

Turn the dial back half a century and dig these pioneers and promoters of rock & roll.

Decades Presents: A Thanksgiving Roast

Join us this Thanksgiving for a marathon of laughs!

R.I.P Art LaFleur, actor in baseball classics ‘The Sandlot’ and ‘Field of Dreams’

The Indiana native also appeared in M*A*S*H and Hill Street Blues among many others.

11 photos of your favorite TV stars before they were famous

Lucy, Carol and Andy all had to start somewhere.

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