Carol Burnett once reimagined her show as a comedy program starring Queen Elizabeth

She performed signature sketches like "Queen and Sis" and an audience Q&A as England's iconic ...more

Fan-favorite hillbilly actors Buddy Ebsen and Howard Morris joined forces for one country bumpkin sketch

Ebsen played Jed Clampett's twin brother and Morris was his son, who looked and sounded an awful ...more

These 12 sitcoms of the 1990s were brief hits but only lasted a year

These one-year wonders made the Top 40, but were quickly canceled.

16 celebrities you might have forgotten were on 'The Twilight Zone'

Stars of the silent age, Star Trek, comedy and cinema turned up on Rod Serling's timeless series.

9 Things You Will Never Find At Airports Again

Who remembers meeting your loved ones at the gate?

Park and Shop: the most Sixties board game of all Sixties board games

What began as a publicity stunt for Allentown, Pennsylvania, turned into a popular board game ...more

This legendary sportscaster's voice can be heard throughout classic television

It may not be for his acting career, but this well-known voice has a star on the Walk of Fame.

Clint Eastwood was supposed to play this classic villain in Batman 1966

It was almost certain... and then the series got cancelled.

Classroom objects that ‘90s kids remember all too well

From colorful scooters to scented markers, there’s more than one way to tell a ‘90s classroom ...more

Forget dating apps, the Sixties had ''computer matchmaking''

The trend was so popular, a number of classic TV shows got in on the electronic love act.

Watch: The stars of The Odd Couple even quibble over which is the best episode

It's sight gags vs. ad-libbed lines in this favorite episode face-off.

Carol Burnett and Jim Nabors prove classic TV bonds run deep

"We hit it off immediately." The TV icons became practically family.

This Waltons guest star was dubbed the next Mary Tyler Moore

Deirdre Lenihan was "television’s next potential headliner"... until she wasn’t.

10 vintage electronics that aren't used much today

Were you ever the person with a boombox on your shoulder or a walkman on your hip?

Carol Burnett's Twilight Zone episode was meant to launch a whole new series

She brought a funny element from her real-life experience as a movie theater usher to the role.

These behind-the-scenes photos prove cardigans were the epitome of cool in the Sixties

Who needs a leather jacket? These stars looked stylish in button-down sweaters.
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