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August 14, 2017

August 15th

Enjoy back-to-back episodes of The Brady Bunch starting at 2PM | 1C and 12AM | 11C.

Today's episodes highlight Cindy, played by Susan Olsen, who was born on this day in 1961.

Through the Decades - August 14

Through the Decades looks back at the enduring legacy of cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
7:00AM | 1:00PM | 7:00PM | 10:00PM

The Best of Hollywood: 1960

Film and television pioneer Alfred Hitchcock was born this week in 1899. An episode of The Best of Hollywood catalogs the greatest films of the ‘60s, including a behind-the-scenes look at Hitchcock’s Psycho.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Multiple Episodes

Hosted by the inimitable "Master of Suspense," The Alfred Hitchcock Hour comprises dark tales of deceit, murder and mystery, stories in which viewers should expect the unexpected from diabolical twists and sinister turns.
10:00AM | 1:00AM


The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show is coming to Decades beginning September 4!

The original star-maker is back on TV. See classic performances by the Beatles, the Muppets and ... more

Elvis Presley's Top 5 Movies

Do you like Elvis as a beach bum or a bad boy?

If you have an extra $62 million lying around, you can buy Dick Cavett's house

You won't be getting as good of a deal as he did, though.
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Bill Remembers: Hurricane Camille

Bill Kurtis looks back on Hurricane Camille, which struck down in Mississippi during the summer ... more

Press Your Luck

“There was just sort of this tension. Oh my God. What do we do? Can we stop this? And the obvious ... more

Rocket Skates

Once roller skates, or rocket skates as the used to be called, were invented the only natural ... more
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Host a 1970s dinner party and we'll tell you what you should watch on TV tonight

Image: Mazola /  Pinterest A dinner party in the 1970s was a dinner party unlike ... more

Poll: What would you have put in a 1967 time capsule?

Perhaps you filled a shoe box with photos, letters and toys and buried it in the backyard. Or ... more

Which of these hit songs are actually covers?

Image: Metro-Goldwyn Mayer In the day and age of online streaming and YouTube in addition ... more
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